Transfer domain to Godaddy using EPP

Transferring domain to Godaddy using EPP is very handy and anyone can do that without any technical knowledge. Before you follow the below steps make sure you have EPP code. To know more about EPP Authorization code : [Click Here]

Step 1: Log in to your Godaddy go to Domain Manager.

Step 2: Under Domains, click Transfers and purchase the it; or click on link to navigate directly [Direct Link]

Domain Transfer Domain Name Transferring Made Easy - GoDaddy

Step 3: Enter the domain and click "search" button. Godaddy will tell if the domain is available to transfer or not. If available purchase it.

Step 4: Godaddy will send a verification email to your registered email id once you purchased it.

Step 5: After purchase, you need to unlock the domain.

Step 6: You need to provide authorization code (EPP code)

Domain Manager

That's it.

Rest goaddy will take care. It will take maximum of 3-4 business days to transfer the domain. In my case it is done in 1 day only.

Now this will transfer domain only, if you want hosting to be from godaddy you can follow below steps:

Step 1: Go to Manage Domain and select your domain name which will take you "Domain Settings" page.

Step 2: Look for "Manage DNS" link and click it.

Step 3: update Name server "Default" from "Custom" and save it.

change DNS

Step 4: On the same page check if the Type "A" record having Value as "Parked" then you need to update it with ip address.

Record a as Parked

Step 5:Get the IP address from customer care and update "Parked" with IP address.

Record a as IP address

Step 6:Now last and Final step is to create domain. Now go to cPanel and under Domain section click on "Addon domains" and add domain you transferred.

add domain

Step 7: In cPanel under "File" section click on "File Manager" it will open popup with directory listing. Select your domain and click "Go" button to navigate to domain file listing where you can upload files and folders.


It will take maximum 24-48 hours to be effective.

Hope it will help some!!!

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