Telegram Bot message formatting

The Telegram Bot API supports basic formatting for messages. You can use bold, italic, underlined and strikethrough text, as well as inline links and pre-formatted code in your bots' messages.

You can use either markdown-style or HTML-style formatting.


To use this mode, pass MarkdownV2 in the parse_mode field. message&parse_mode=MarkdownV2)

Use the following syntax in your message:

*bold \*text*
_italic \*text_
*bold _italic bold ~italic bold strikethrough~ __underline italic bold___ bold*
[inline URL](
[inline mention of a user](tg://user?id=123456789)
`inline fixed-width code`
pre-formatted fixed-width code block
pre-formatted fixed-width code block written in the Python programming language


To use this mode, pass HTML in the parse_mode field like example below: message&parse_mode=html)


The following tags are currently supported:

b>bold</b>, <strong>bold</strong>
<i>italic</i>, <em>italic</em>
<u>underline</u>, <ins>underline</ins>
<s>strikethrough</s>, <strike>strikethrough</strike>, <del>strikethrough</del>
<b>bold <i>italic bold <s>italic bold strikethrough</s> <u>underline italic bold</u></i> bold</b>
<a href="">inline URL</a>
<a href="tg://user?id=123456789">inline mention of a user</a>
<code>inline fixed-width code</code>
<pre>pre-formatted fixed-width code block</pre>
<pre><code class="language-python">pre-formatted fixed-width code block written in the Python programming language</code></pre>

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