Sending push notifications to Android mobile using Firebase and PHP

Sharing how you can send notification to android d

Telegram Bot: Insert line break to text message

Adding "\n" will not break the line in telegram bo

Telegram Bot message formatting

The Telegram Bot API supports basic formatting for

Generating ERD using PHPMyAdmin 4.9

Today I need to generate ERD for my Database. If y

Converting string to Date and DateTime PHP

This is very common functionality we use while dev

Generating Excel file in PHP

Here i am sharing how one can generate E

How to remove Laravel cache

Clearing Laravel application cache using

Can't start because vcruntime140.dll is missing from your computer

After completing installation of WAMP se

Deploying Codeigniter-3 project from local to live server

Here I am sharing how you can deploy your Codeigni

Difference between singleton and factory pattern

##Singleton The single pattern is an of

PhpMyAdmin: No activity within 1440 seconds, please log in again!!!

  If you do not do any activity in your PHPM

Installing laravel 5 on WAMP or XAMPP

Follow below steps to configure/install

Wordpress: Top interview questions and answers

What is the use of function.php in WordPress Ever

PayUMoney: PHP integration using Codeigniter

Follow the below steps to integrate PayUMoney into

PayUMoney: PHP payment gateway integration

Today i have integrated PayUMoney to my website, t

Updating wordpress theme from database

Here I am sharing, how you can update theme from d

Wordpress: Update permalink from database

Some reason, I am not able to access the admin and

Angularjs Ajax pagination

Sharing below how you can implement AJAX paginatio

How to convert Base64 string from IOS to image in PHP

Today I learn how you can store images in fold

PHP 7 new features list

Today google about new enhancement and featured in

override codeigniter native session

Struggling a lot with codigniter session issue. So

Bootstrap Event for modal, executing JS before modal popup

Bootstrap provide some event which can be hook on

wordpress creating custom widget area

Today i have created a custom widget area in my th

Codeigniter Session Issue

Due to Codeigniter session issue i need to go away

Codeigniter storing session data in database

Due to the limitation of storing cookies in browse

Github how to share the files and folder

If you want to allow another developer or user sho

Wordpress : Custom theme location for menu

Today I learn how you can add new menu location in

Drupal-7 how to use token in block body

By default block body does not support Drupal toke

Creating New Block Region in Drupal 7

Creating a custom or new block in your Drupal 7 te

Drupal 7: Adding custom fields for Profile page.

DRUPAL 7 If you want to add additional fields for

Resetting admin password in Drupal in localhost

Drupal-7 store one way encrypted password in datab

Sending email from localhost

Now developer can test email functionality before

wordpress custom role capabilities

Besides default capabilities in wordpress, we can

Auto login to Wordpress using user email id or id

Using inbuilt functions of Wordpress user can do a

Genrating SEO friendly url using .htaccess and modrewrite

Here how you can create clean SEO friendly url: N

Creating Contact us page in Drupal 7

Following are the steps to enable, configure and a

RSS feeds generator

RSS is an easy way to provide contents of your sit

What is the difference between SMTP server mail() and PHP mail()

PHP support mail() function for sending mails. And

Generating ERD using PHPMyAdmin

Generating ERD using PHPMyAdmin 4.0 (Newer Version

How to access remote mysql server using local phpmyadmin

It is very tedious to connect your remote mysql bo

Migrating content/node from drupal 4.x to drupal 7.x

As a project requirement I need to upgrade Drupal

Date manipulation with mysql..

There are various instance when we do date calcula

PHP: Calculating Business days from given dates or for particular period.

Whenever i get time i used to answers in PHP relat

My first experience with Codeigniter

Earlier, say 1.5 years back I have created a proje

Removing index.php from url of codeigniter-3 in WAMP

Only three steps are require to remove index.php f

How Mysql reduce overhead from PHP!!!!!

I enjoy to play with Mysql queries. what i learn f


Heredoc A way to delimit strings is t

CodeIgniter : Loosing session data after login

In Codeigniter after login I am storing all the da

Implementation of User permission with PHP & Mysql Bitwise operators.

Another way to implement user permission in your a

PHP-Mysql Interview Questions

Some PHP interview question i am sharing with you,

Htaccess and Modrewrite

# How to hide extension through htaccess?

PHP: Calculating Business days from given dates or for particular period.

Whenever i get time i used to answers in PHP relat

PHP Interview Questions - Magic Contant,Methods and Quotes

What is Magic Constant? PHP provides a large n